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KONTRAKT Boutique Hotel

The place of coziness and comfort in the heart of Podil. The place of peace, solitude and tranquility among Kyiv’s main cultural attractions. The place that will undoubtedly conquer your heart from the moment you check-in. This place is KONTRAKT Boutique Hotel and we are confident that your stay with us will brighten up your trip to Ukraine’s capital.

KONTRAKT Boutique Hotel was founded in 2021 by a private company and since then it has turned into an example of a hotel with extraordinary design and flawless service. Our hotel is located near Kontraktova Square where 18th-century merchants from the entire country used to draw up contracts and sales agreements (“kontrakt” – Ukrainian). Just like before, a lot of contracts these days are still being drawn up around this area and merchants often need a place to stay. Hence, our hotel has got a name that is relevant to all merchants who come to visit Kyiv. In fact, our rooms were designed with merchants in mind and that is why they have everything a modern business person might need.

Our building, which is located on one of the oldest streets of Podil, officially belongs to a group of architectural monuments that are protected by the local government. Even though the 1811 Great fire of Podil has destroyed a larger part of the old building, it was later restored by its residents. Since then the facade has retained its authentic elements of classicism and colours. Thus, it still has a historical value.

Interior of KONTRAKT Boutique Hotel was designed by passionate creators who were inspired by the Danish “Hygge” style. This concept can be best described as enjoying life’s simple pleasures and comfort. All rooms in our hotel organically combine neutral color palette decor, stylish wooden elements and glass. We guarantee coziness, comfort and elegance in every room.